The 4 Steps to Take When Applying for a VAC Disability Award

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You may hear discussion of your service injury referred to as a pensioned condition, a disability “award”.  Someone may ask you, “Are you applying for an award for your tinnitus?”  The usual troop response would be, “No, I’m applying for hearing aids for my tinnitus”.  Don’t assume the worst, just a different department and different [...]

Spartan Wellness Announces Donation to Soldier On

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“Soldier On Changed My Life.” Five simple words that we have heard from many veterans. For those that are unfamiliar with the work that Soldier On does, we can personally comment on what an amazing organization they are. In a nutshell, Soldier On provides financial assistance to veterans so they can have access to sports [...]

How to Navigate Your Summary of Assessment (SOA)

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A Summary of Assessment (SOA) from Veterans Affairs can be an extremely useful piece of paper to keep handy. Your SOA has several pieces of pertinent information on it that can assist a veteran in many circumstances, especially medical circumstances. Let’s look at what your SOA is, and why it’s a good idea to keep [...]