Spartan Warriors: Pathfinder Strategies

Our slogan here at Spartan Wellness is “Great Things Happen Together”, and we’re very excited to take the opportunity to profile other integrity-based veteran business successes in a new blog we are calling “The Spartan Warrior Blog”. This month we’re starting with Pathfinder Strategies, and its’ founder, Todd Holmes.

Todd is a 25-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and in his role of President and CEO of Pathfinder, Todd takes his message of positive change and self-empowerment to veterans and businesses alike to teach people how to realize the power that they have within themselves to become the change they want and need.

Todd was a paratrooper for most of his career. But with tours of Bosnia and Afghanistan haunting him, he went from the clouds to rock bottom after his career ended. He has been in the darkness and pits of despair and pulled himself up. Now he dedicates his time to helping others overcome their demons, and lead better, more fulfilling lives.

Todd has had a diverse education in life coaching techniques; from Tony Robbins to traditional medicine healers, he has sought out a variety of healing and empowerment strategies, and brings those lessons together to change people’s lives.

Riad Byne, CEO of Spartan Wellness had this to say about Todd’s approach, “Todd has helped me realize my true passion, and take it from vision to reality.”

From corporate leadership training sessions, to helping Canadian veterans heal the invisible scars of conflict, Todd has changed the lives of many. We at Spartan Wellness salute his entrepreneurship, his dedication to helping others, and his passion for making the world a better place everyday. Please take a moment to check out Todd’s website at and join us in congratulating Todd for maintaining his warrior spirit!

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