Great Things Are Happening in Newfoundland

Earlier this week two members of the Spartan Wellness team departed for the beautiful province of Newfoundland. Spartan Wellness CEO, Riad Byne, and Spartan Vice-President, Rob Kennedy, will be touring the province with Jamie MacWhirter of the online support network PTSD Buddies, as well as members from the Tema Conter Memorial Trust. They will be joined later this month by Spartan Wellness member Sean Maher.

Why did we go to Newfoundland? As any of the locals can tell you, it likely wasn’t to for the team to work on their tans at the beach – this provincial tour is a one-of-a-kind series of events. The troupe will bNewfoundland Toure visiting local first responders, firefighters, paramedics and constabulary discussing the various mental health and wellness supports that each of these three great organizations can provide. Since not everyone will be able to make it to these events, this blog is dedicated to exploring what PTSD Buddies and Tema Conter are all about.

The Tema Conter Memorial Trust is named after a tragically young homicide victim, Tema Conter. Vince Savoia was one of the paramedics that responded to the horrific scene that night. He was so moved by the joyful memories of a life of light and positivity shared by Tema’s family that in 2001 he established a memorial trust and a scholarship in her honour.

The organization continues education on critical incident stress, and assists emergency, public safety, and military members. They do this through peer-to-peer training programs, mental health first aid training, referral services for those seeking professional help, and many opportunities to engage the public in conversations about mental health.

PTSD Buddies is an online support network where anyone living with the effects of PTSD can go to find support, share their story and know that they are not alone. There are several regional and country specific PTSD Buddies groups, a YouTube channel, and many members to connect with 24/7.

PTSD Buddies will be represented on this tour by Canadian Forces veteran, Jamie MacWhirter. Mr. MacWhirter will be on hand to share not only his story, but also his wealth of knowledge on available services, coping strategies, and the PTSD Buddies mission and vision.

Listed below are links to both Tema Conter Memorial Trust and PTSD Buddies. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we release more details about the events, the schedule of those events and live updates in the coming days. Watch, comment, and take part because #GreatThingsHappenTogether.

To learn which dates and where the tour will be, please visit this link: Newfoundland Tour




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