Career and Education Fair for Veterans, CAF Members and Their Families

Career and Education Fair for Veterans, CAF Members and Their Families

Did you know that almost 90% of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members look for civilian employment after they release from the military?

Gainful employment and satisfaction in the workplace can ease some of the stressors facing Veterans and families during the transition from military to civilian life.

VAC is committed to helping Veterans and their families transition to meaningful careers in civilian life. As part of this commitment we are hosting a Career and Education Fair in Calgary, Alberta at Ross Glenn Hall at the Mount Royal University campus on January 24, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The fair will be a tradeshow style event with booths for employers, educational institutions, volunteer organizations and other VAC partners. Some employers may be hiring on site at the fair so bringing an up-to-date resume is encouraged. We will also have a variety of workshops, activities and presentations throughout the day, including topics such as applying for federal government jobs, VAC services and benefits, and entrepreneurship.

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We encourage you to pass this along to anyone who may be interested.


Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach Team

Veterans Affairs Canada

Living Mindfully: Promoting Connection and Mental Wellness for the Military Community

Living Mindfully: Promoting Connection and Mental Wellness for the Military Community

Living MindfullyThis series of nine workshops offered by the Southwestern Ontario Military Family Resource Centre – Hamilton Satellite office in partnership with OSISS (Operational Stress Injury Social Support) program have been created to promote connection and education within the military and veteran community. Being open to new experiences and knowledge, can teach participants how to live mindfully and in turn, find that balance between holding on and letting go. Please join us on this journey to move your life forward in a better way.


Living Mindfully: Promoting Connection and Mental Wellness for the Military Community has been kindly sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion.


Series # 4 – Education

What: Understanding Medical Cannabis Basics and Awareness

This workshop increases understanding of cannabis, the potential health effects, and “Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines” which are designed for harm reduction.
Several clinicians from the DeGroot Pain Clinic will be providing information and a Q&A; as well as Amy Doelman, BA, MPH, Manager from PSP – Health Promotions.

When: Saturday January 18, 2020

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Where: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch # 622
12 King Street East, Stoney Creek, ON

Cost: Free with catered lunch provided

RSVP: Donna Pickering

905-972-4000 ext. 6623 — CSN: 625-6623

Who: Eligible participants would include currently serving, retired, medically releasing Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their adult military family members.
18 +

Donna Pickering



If you have a Military Family emergency outside of Military Family Resource Centre office hours, please contact the Military Family Information Line at 1-800-866-4546.

Devon Larrat Takes on Los Angeles Arm Wrestling

This Thursday, August 9th, retired Canadian Special Forces Assaulter and Spartan Wellness co-founder Devon Larratt will be at The Novo DTLA in Los Angeles, California. He is there as the main event to take on the #2 ranked challenger, Matt Mask in a World Armwrestling League (WAL) night of super matches.
Devon moved to Open Class after WAL took out the 225lbs weight class.
When asked how he was feeling heading into one of the most challenging matches of this year, Devon said, “Great. I feel absolutely fantastic and I’m looking forward to September.”
What Devon was referring to is the September 5th Finals from Atlanta, GA. That night will be televised from TBS headquarters.
Devon has had another amazing year on the arm wrestling table being a noteworthy undefeated (yet again) this season.
To livestream the event go to http://live.bleacherreport.comThursday, August 9th at 10 PM Eastern.
Or download the Bleacher Report app from iTunes App Store or Google Play.
To attend in person, The Novo DTLA is located at 800 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
1-(213) – 765- 7000

Spartan Wellness Offers Video Physio Treatments!

It’s happened to a lot of us – we wake up in the morning to discover a new part of our body; only because it hurts. We know what comes next – an appointment with a doctor, a referral to physio, and ultimately more trips out of the house to get to physiotherapy. We know we need to go do this, but what if there was another option to making those trips that involve getting through traffic, waiting to see the therapist and ultimately being full of tension by the time you get back home?

The team here at Spartan Wellness knows what it’s like to wake up at zero-dark-buffalo (that’s really early for other folks) and be sore, tired and unsure of whether you’re going to make your appointments that day. We also want optimum health and wellness for all, so we partnered with physiotherapy professionals and are excited to now offer in-home kinesiology sessions.

With a prescription for physio/kinesiology treatments, Spartan Wellness can bring a trained professional to your living room (or whatever room you prefer) through telemedicine video streaming. This is done in a real-time video chat, so you can ask questions and get instant feedback from a trained and certified kinesiologist. We direct bill for qualified veterans, first-responders, and civilians, so there’s no cost to our patients.

Spartan Wellness will provide you with everything you need. After registering with our program, we will send you a custom-tailored equipment package which will include:

– Resistance bands
– Exercise ball
– Jump rope
– Yoga mat
– Performance massage roller
– Block for assistance in some exercises
– Assistance straps

An HDMI cable to connect your camera enabled device (such as a laptop) to your TV and detailed very simple instructions on how to get yourself set up and going!

The Spartan Team

Tax Season: Filing Costs for Your Cannabis Prescription

It’s tax time. Before you file, ask yourself if you may have missed an eligible deduction – costs incurred from having a prescription for medical cannabis. We’ve included a link at the bottom of this blog that takes you directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website where details regarding medical expense deductions can be found.

In summary the website states that individuals that have legal access to cannabis for medical purposes can claim expenses related to that provided those expenses meet certain criteria.

Those expenses must:

1) Be paid in the year that the return is being filed for (i.e. paid in 2017) and; have not been claimed in the previous year. This means that receipts from previous years are not eligible.
2) Be legal purchases under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes (ACMPR) or Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).
3) Only expenses that will not be reimbursed by other means can be claimed. This means that if you have, for example, 80% reimbursement coverage through a health insurance provider, only the remaining 20% of the cost is an eligible expense. For those veterans that have 100% coverage through VAC/Blue Cross, no prescription costs are eligible.

Legal purchases are defined as purchases made by an individual that has authorization to possess or cultivate cannabis from Health Canada, and has made purchases from a licensed producer, or for their designated grower. CRA currently limits these expenses to cannabis products. This means dried flowers, seeds, and oils.
Purchases made from dispensaries, either storefronts or online, are not legal expenses.

If expenses were incurred on behalf of a spouse or dependant (i.e. your credit card was used for the legal purchasing of medical cannabis for your spouse or dependant) those expenses are legal and can be claimed.

A Form T2201 (Disability Tax Credit Certificate) is not required to claim medical cannabis expenses.

Spartan Wellness strongly recommends speaking to your tax preparer or financial professional on claiming medical cannabis expenses.

The Spartan Wellness Team
With Special Contributions by Emmanual Paul, CFO, Spartan Wellness