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Our vision is to assist Veterans and their families with a complete spectrum of healthcare solutions, so they are never left again without a compass or shelter from the storm.


We intend to deliver our services in the same way that we are used to getting things done: Highly Organized, Efficient & Effective.

As it has become for many of us, we understand that cannabinoid therapy may be a treatment option that is superior to previously attempted therapies and medications. In response, we have assembled a full roster of trained medical experts & specialists to support Veterans currently using or considering cannabinoid therapy.

We continue to work towards our mission for Veterans to be able to co-operatively own and become a licensed producer. This future collective of member Veterans will be able to control the quality, selection, availability and continuity of their medicine.

Please complete the interest form below and we will provide you the details on how if we work together, every member Veteran will have the opportunity to participate with equal ownership.

We look forward to speaking and meeting with you on a Veteran to Veteran level, as we embark on the journey to achieve this objective together.


Spartan Wellness is comprised of a network of Veterans, Physicians, Specialists and a support team of top-level administrators

As Veterans and for Veterans, we have hand selected and aligned ourselves with top-tier Canadian health care professionals. This team consists of subject matter experts with a proven history of successfully treating Veterans, understanding their needs and culture.

Our team of benefit specialists will ensure you are aware of all available options to get the best care for yourself and your family through your existing platforms which may provide coverage. There are no fees or up front costs anywhere in the process for Veterans and their families.

From transitional family medicine needs to our wellness programs that have been meticulously tailored by Veterans themselves, Spartan Wellness is a premier one-stop resource for Veteran healthcare in Canada.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Veteran Affairs Canada assessments, reassessments and program & benefit entitlement assistance

  • Family assistance through common coverage platforms

  • Transitional family medicine augmentation for retiring members of the CAF

  • In-house & telemedicine Veteran oriented Social Work, Psychology and Psychiatric Services

  • Tele-Rehab programs for lifestyle and exercise counselling, mobility and registered dietician services.

  • Growing network of local Veteran healthcare providers across Canada

  • Medical Cannabis consultations for mental and physical conditions

  • Special Authorization assessments for consideration of coverage beyond 3 grams per day when required

All Greeks know what is right, but only the Spartans do it.

– Spartan Saying

IMPORTANT: You don’t pay a cent for any of our services.


To get started, please complete the interest form below and one of our client care specialists will get be in contact with you as soon as possible via your preferred method of contact.


Are you covered under a group health plan or have extended health benefits?


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