Spartan Wellness Offers Video Physio Treatments!

It’s happened to a lot of us – we wake up in the morning to discover a new part of our body; only because it hurts. We know what comes next – an appointment with a doctor, a referral to physio, and ultimately more trips out of the house to get to physiotherapy. We know we need to go do this, but what if there was another option to making those trips that involve getting through traffic, waiting to see the therapist and ultimately being full of tension by the time you get back home?

The team here at Spartan Wellness knows what it’s like to wake up at zero-dark-buffalo (that’s really early for other folks) and be sore, tired and unsure of whether you’re going to make your appointments that day. We also want optimum health and wellness for all, so we partnered with physiotherapy professionals and are excited to now offer in-home kinesiology sessions.

With a prescription for physio/kinesiology treatments, Spartan Wellness can bring a trained professional to your living room (or whatever room you prefer) through telemedicine video streaming. This is done in a real-time video chat, so you can ask questions and get instant feedback from a trained and certified kinesiologist. We direct bill for qualified veterans, first-responders, and civilians, so there’s no cost to our patients.

Spartan Wellness will provide you with everything you need. After registering with our program, we will send you a custom-tailored equipment package which will include:

– Resistance bands
– Exercise ball
– Jump rope
– Yoga mat
– Performance massage roller
– Block for assistance in some exercises
– Assistance straps

An HDMI cable to connect your camera enabled device (such as a laptop) to your TV and detailed very simple instructions on how to get yourself set up and going!

The Spartan Team