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Today’s “12 Days of Holidays” giveaway is from Delta Foxtrot Designs.

Delta Foxtrot Designs is not just about merchandise, they are dedicated in helping to bring awareness to homeless Veterans in our nation. As well as Veterans  who suffer with WORK RELATED injuries and illnesses they sustained due to their SERVICE IN OUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE.

My battle buddy coin is not just for the military. It’s for all our first line of defence who suffer from work related, PTSD and TBI brain injury, it is also for anybody to reach out to anybody else that they know is suffering, mentally, and they don’t know what to say. They can see it through the coin. Also the package that will be one will be a big presentation package,

Delta Foxtrot Designs

Delta Foxtrot Designs designed and created this Battle Buddy coin, to let you know, you are not alone, there is hope, you are important, your Battle Buddy has your 6, because no one gets left behind. The coin is made of silver with an antique polished look. One side of coin, has one soldier carrying an injured soldier, representing leaving no one behind ,the back of coin, has interlocking hands, representing reaching out for help. Each coin HAS A REGISTERED NUMBER ON IT

Each coin comes with A CERTIFICATE, with name of coin holder, and the coin number WHEN YOU PURCHASE COIN, PLEASE STATE NAME YOU WANT ON THE CERTIFICATE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE SERVED TO BE A BATTLE BUDDY, you can purchase this coin for yourself, or for someone you know that has been there for you, or needs to know they are not alone, and you are there for them.

This incredible kit is the perfect gift for military enthusiasts and collectors alike. The Battle Buddy Coin kit includes a beautifully crafted coin, showcasing intricate military-inspired designs. The coin is made with high-quality materials and features stunning details that will surely impress any recipient. Whether you’re looking to honor a loved one’s service or simply add to your collection, this Battle Buddy Coin kit is a must-have. Don’t miss your chance to win this amazing prize. Enter today for your chance to win this exclusive giveaway from Delta Foxtrot Designs.

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Delta Foxtrot Designs