• Our Mission

    To ensure consistent and outstanding delivery of Spartan Wellness services through integrity, honesty, respect and giving back; with a focus on those in uniform and their families who served and still serve Canada.

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  • Our Services

    Spartan Wellness offers a variety of healthcare services to ALL Canadians including, but not limited to, cannabis therapy, cannabis coverage, topical pain creams and benefits utilization at the hands of trained experts

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As Veterans and for Veterans, we have hand selected and aligned ourselves with top-tier Canadian health care professionals. This team consists of subject matter experts with a proven history of successfully treating Veterans, RCMP, First Responders and all Canadians while understanding their needs and culture.

Our team of benefits specialists will ensure you are aware of all available options. We work to get the best care for you and your family through your existing platforms which may provide coverage. There are no fees or upfront costs anywhere in the process.

From transitional family medicine needs to our wellness programs that have been meticulously tailored by Veterans themselves. Spartan Wellness is a premier one-stop resource for your healthcare needs in Canada.

The following options are for active and potential patients: Veterans/First Responders and/or civilians

  • Veteran and RCMP Referrals

    (i.e. massage therapy, lab…)

  • Assistance with insurance and rehab platforms

  • Assistance with navigating Veterans Affairs Canada application process

  • Generalized Veterans Affairs Canada and Blue Cross provider

  • Medical Cannabis prescriptions

  • Prescribed topical pain cream solutions

  • Medical Cannabis Education

  • Licensed Producer selection and registration

All Services above are provided at no cost to you.


At the core of Spartan Wellness is a team of volunteers with the knowledge and experience to
effectively help Veterans get the entitlements and education they need for optimum health.

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