Goody’s Supplements

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Goody’s Supplements was created by still serving CPO1 Matt Goodwin from Victoria BC. Goody’s offers a wide range of high-quality fitness equipment and supplements.

They specializes in offering a wide range of fitness equipment and supplements, including protein powders, pre-workout formulas, post-workout recovery drinks, and various vitamins and minerals.

Goody’s Supplements

Goody’s Supplements is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Goody’s Supplements is a brand created by Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Matt Goodwin, who is currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Despite his active duty, CPO1 Goodwin has managed to establish a successful fitness equipment and supplements supply company.

Whether you are setting up a home gym or looking to upgrade your current equipment, Goody’s has everything you need to create the perfect workout space. In addition to fitness equipment, they also offer a variety of supplements to enhance your fitness journey.

Experience the Goody’s Supplements difference and start your fitness journey with us today.

-Matt Goodwin

That’s why they offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. With their convenient online shopping platform, customers can easily browse and purchase their desired products from the comfort of their homes.

Goody’s prides itself on using only the finest ingredients and adhering to strict quality standards. CPO1 Goodwin’s dedication to both his military service and his passion for health and fitness is evident in the exceptional products offered by Goody’s Supplements.

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Goody's Supplements