Making your life easier with Pre-Coverage

what is pre-coverageDid you know Veterans Affairs Canada covers the cost of medical cannabis for certain pensioned conditions. To learn more please visit

From the time your prescription is sent to your License Holder (LH) of choice to when your coverage is approved by Medavie Blue Cross could take more than a month.

Leaving you with the possibility of not being fully covered for your entire medical cannabis prescription.

The Pre-Coverage Process

The process involves first getting your prescription from Spartan Wellness and then your prescription is sent off to your LH of choice.  When the LH gets your application they send it off to Medavie Blue Cross to get approval for coverage.

During this time you have the option to purchase your cannabis out of pocket and submit your receipts back to Medavie Blue Cross or wait.  Purchasing out of pocket can get fairly expensive and keeping receipts for submission is never fun.

Some LP’s offer you what is called “pre-coverage”, meaning the LH will cover the cost of your cannabis during the time that Medavie Blue Cross is making the decision, then they will submit the receipts on your behalf.

If you are going to be paying out of pocket, you have as far back as 18 months from date of purchase to submit receipts back to Veterans Affairs Canada / Medavie Blue Cross.

This benefit helps Veterans in many ways, the most important being ‘time’.  LH’s that offer pre-coverage help Veterans access their medicine right away.

Thankfully we have put together a list of LH’s that offer you pre-coverage to help you get access to your medication faster. The below compilation is not recommendations, you should always do your own research into your preferred LH of choice.

Visit Spartan Wellness to learn more about medical cannabis treatment options and how pre-coverage applies to you.